New weevil species (Coleoptera: Apionidae, Curculionidae) in the Pieniny National Park (S Poland)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:S. Knutelski, Surowiak A.
Journal:Chronmy Przyrode Ojczysta
Date Published:marzec-kwiecien
:Apionidae, Bradybatus fallax, Cleopomiarus graminis, Coeliodinus rubicundus, Curculionidae, Cyanapion afer, Eutrichapion melancholicum, Magdalis barbicornis, Miarus monticola, Smicronyx coecus

Tychius trivialis is recorded for the first time from the Polish Carpathians Mts. and other eight weevil species (Apionidae: Cyanapion afer, Eutrichapion melancholicum; Curculionidae: Bradybatus fallax, Magdalis barbicornis, Smicronyx coecus, Coeliodinus rubicundus, Cleopomiarus graminis, Miarus monticola) are recorded for the first time for the weevil fauna of the Pieniny Mts. Curculio glandium is accidental species to that fauna. New localities, ecology and distribution of these species are presented. That discovery suggests some changes in the studied fauna.

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