Key weevil sites

Header Weevil Workers Directory of Curculionoidea Researchers This website is a directory of researchers working with beetles in the Curculionoidea superfamily (weevils). The purpose of the website is to enhance communication between weevil researchers, to facilitate access to weevil specialists (since many weevil species are agricultural pests), and to promote the dissemination of information about weevils, a significant component of earth's biodiversity. 

Curculio logo  Curculio is an international newsletter devoted to dissemination of knowledge about Curculionoidea. It is published in March and September. The files listed below are in pdf format and can be printed but not searched for key words. Volumes 38-55 are currently available on the Coleopterists Society website.

 Curculio Institute logo Curculio Institute: Centre for Studies on European/Palearctic Curculionoidea.

St Petersburg Beetle Website logo  Useful website on Coleoptera designed by Zoological Institute RAS, St Petersburg, Russia covering a range of topics.

 Xylosandrus ursus - copyright CognatoScolytid research site from Anthony Cognato and the Holistic Insect Systematics lab.  Excellent resource site including many bibliographic references and information on Scolytine research.   

Jiri Hulcr's Ambrosia Symbiosis Page  has a great deal of information on Scolytine biology.

 Landcare Research logo  New Zealand Weevils The page links to a list of new Zealand weevils and an image gallery of excellent photographs of New Zealand Weevils.

Japanese Weevil Database.  Excellent weevil site with names and images of Japanese weevils and much more information, run by Hiroaki Kojima. 

Weevils of ReunionCatalogue évolutif des Coléoptères Curculionoidea de l'île de la Réunion.  

Weevils of Texas Many images displayed








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