Digital-Weevil-Determination for Curculionoidea of West Palaearctic. Transalpina: Brachypera/Donus (Hyperinae: Hyperini)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:C. Team East
Date Published:15 December
:Brachypera, Donus

Within the framework of the 'Digital Weevil Determination' project, a digital and interactive identification key for the difficult-to-classify species of the genera Brachypera and Donus (Hyperinae: Hyperini) is presented for the first time in the form of a pictorial key in the English language. The check-list includes 44 (sub-)species from the genera Brachypera and Donus occurring in the northern part of the West Palaearctic Region ('Transalpina') from the zoogeographical area north of the Pyrenees, the Alps and the Balkan Mountains. We did not find the types or any other specimens of five taxa. This is the reason why the key includes only 39 taxa of Brachypera and Donus. In the eastern direction, the scope of this key is approximately roughly delimited by the borders of the EEC members. All information in the key is first given in picture format, and the explanatory text is attached. This follows the usual style of modern entomological and taxonomical work: The image you see in your binoculars/compound microscope should be exactly what you see in the photographs on your screen. This work includes with distribution maps and information on the biology of each species.

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