Central American Temnocerus Thunberg, 1815 (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:R. W. Hamilton
Journal:Insecta Mundi
Date Published:June 18
:0749-6737; 1942-1354

Twenty eight species of Temnocerus Thunberg, 1815 are recognized from Central America (Mexico to Panama) with eight previously described species and 20 new species as follows: T. abdominalis (Voss), T. chiapensis n. sp., T. chiriquensis (Sharp), T. confertus (Sharp), T. cyaneus n. sp., T. ellus n. sp., T. giganteus n. sp., T. guatemalenus (Sharp), T. guerrerensis n. sp., T. herediensis n. sp., T. mexicanus n. sp., T. michoacensis n. sp., T. minutus n. sp., T. niger n. sp., T. oaxacensis n. sp., T. obrieni, n. sp., T. oculatus (Sharp), T. potosi n. sp., T. pseudaeratus n. sp., T. pueblensis n. sp., T. pusillus (Sharp), T. regularis (Sharp), T. rostralis n. sp., T. rugosus n. sp., T. salvensis n. sp., T. tamaulipensis n. sp., T. thesaurus (Sharp) and T. yucatensis n. sp. Rhynchites debilis Sharp is placed in synonymy with Temnocerus guatemalenus (Sharp) and Pselaphorhynchites lindae Hamilton is placed in synonymy with Temnocerus regularis (Sharp). A key to species based on external characters and male genitalia is provided as well as digital images, aedeagus drawings, and map distributions.

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